Vision Statement:
To become a functional, efficient and reliable institution capable of developing skilled manpower that will position the state and nation at large to face the challenges of the 21st century and even beyond.

Mission Statement:
To provide qualitative learning that will help in nurturing and equipping our students with the necessary Knowledge, Skill and Competence needed to become Self-Reliance.

The Philosophy of STVSMB is strongly anchored on the production of trained manpower in applied Sciences, Technology and Business particularly at craft and Advanced Education level. Furthermore, to provide students the opportunities for further studies/training in tertiary institutions in field of Engineering and Business.

Governor Peter Mbah
Gov. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah

What We Do:


Special Science Schools

Our special science schools enable students to acquire and demonstrate the intellectual competence and professional skills necessary for solving scientific problems.


Vocational Colleges

At our vocational colleges, we train male and female students in areas of Technical and Vocational Education in order to develop their entreprenurship skills for future employment and self-reliance.


Technical Colleges

We produce individuals that will be well armed with skills and knowledge that will secure gainful employment for small and medium-scale industries.



(The Immediate Past Chairman - STVSMB)

On a bright day of 24th July, 1962 was a remarkable event in Umuika Village of Enuogu Nkerefi. A child was born, but nothing indicated anything unusual about the birth excepting that the child was an exceedingly joy to the family as a male child: Ogbuife as he was then called indicated scope of life endeavoures he is to transverse.

Ogbuife – the triumphant of events and circumstances is a man of many parts. When he was later name Gabriel (during Christian baptism) its aptness as a servant messenger of God, the path finder of the servant leader of the people, he is to become in life, in recognition of the supreme role God is to play in his life as source of his strength (Chukwu bu Ikem). Hence his full names Gabriel Ogbuife Chukwubuikem Ajah (G.O.C. Ajah).


G.O.C was educated in St. Patrick’s School Amofu and later Community Primary School Enuogu Nkerefi between 1970-1973, Colliery Comprehensive Secondary School Ngwo 1974 – 1979, College of Education Benin City (1980 – 1983) University of Benin 1984 – 1986, and returned to the same University in 1987 – 1990 for a Master Degree. He was also in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus in 1995 where he bagged LL.B Hons. Read More…

Our Partners:

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